How to Create the Best Floor Plan for your Commercial Space

When designing and constructing a commercial building, one essential thing to consider is a smart floor plan. A smart floor plan can make your space more efficient and effective by creating a natural flow between the spaces in your building. Wondering how the create your perfect floor plan? Take a look at these 3 helpful tips!

1. Consider the flow of your business

Before creating your floor plan, consider how you want your commercial business to run. How big of a space does each department need? Is there adequate storage for each department? Are there 2 departments that require to be in communication and next to each other on the floor?

Asking these important questions before beginning your floor plan can make the process much easier and give you a good idea of what you would like your optimal design to look like. Ensuring that there is a seamless flow once your floor plan is laid out will save you a headache in the long run!

2. Consolidate and Eliminate

Consolidating is key to creating the best floor plan for your commercial business! Think carefully about the amount of space that you have and the purpose of that space. You want to make sure that each space on your floor plan has a specific purpose, and that you eliminate spaces that may serve a similar purpose so that you can create more space. Consolidating spaces wherever is possible could also save you money. For example, having all spaces that require plumbing next to one another could reduce the costs of putting in multiple plumbing areas throughout your building.

3. Multi-purpose Spaces

Similar to consolidation, the last thing to consider is having rooms or spaces that could serve multiple purposes for your business. When you cut down on the need for having a lot of separate rooms for separate purposes, this can save you money as it reduces the wasted floor space that you have available in the building. Finding ways to have more than one function in one room where it is possible can also save space for future expansion or other necessary spaces, such as a bathroom or an office space.

Now that you have these helpful tips in mind in how to create your perfect floor plan, you can contact us to help your ideas come to life!