Kenneth J. Visbeen has been involved on both sides of the construction spectrum starting as a union carpenter, promoted to a project foreman running various projects including ones very similar to yours. 

After fifteen years in the field he was moved to the office as a construction manager. Due to this, Kenn has an outstanding knowledge of both the field construction side of the business but also the management side. Kenn’s extensive experience allows him to have a full understanding of the entire project helping him to make suggestions and provide guidance with knowledge from all aspects of this project. 

KV Builders LLC also has several project supervisors who are placed on the job from beginning to end. All project supervisors have been in this role for several years and are all qualified to oversee your project. A manager assistant is also assigned to every project to assist in the day to day activities. This person helps in preparing contracts, plan duplication, submittal process, close out documents, etc. This position allows the project to continue on a steady basis and documents are reviewed weekly. This is a critical task which allows materials to be delivered on schedule and in a timely matter. These items can either make or break a project schedule.

KV Builders LLC also has an accountant on staff who will be preparing the invoice each month. They will also be tracking the job cost, contract cost, retainage, and final payments. Our accountant was previously a Finance Director with Merck Medco before leaving to pursue other option

Commercial Construction General Contracting

KV Builders will manage your commercial project from start to finish working closely with your project team. We will continue to communicate through all stages of construction. We offer Lump-Sum Contracts, Cost Plus Fee, Guaranteed Maximum Price. We are flexible to design a contract that fits your needs.

Commercial Construction Management

KV Builders offers comprehensive Construction Management Services for a monthly fee. We will work closely with you to help you manage your commercial construction project. We will act as your partner and overseer ensuring your project runs smoothly and on schedule using our extensive knowledge of the commercial construction industry.

Pre-Construction Consulting

KV Builders is able to help you coordinate your commercial construction project before it even starts. Our help in planning and bidding of your project at the start will help your commercial construction project stay on budget and run smoothly, ultimately finishing on time.

Design Build

Let KV Builders be the single point of contact from the very beginning of your project. KV Builders will manage every aspect of the build from design to post-construction. This allows the project team to provide additional insight into project costs and constructability of different designs. The end result is a streamlined timeline and a budget conscious project where all of your project goals are met.

Project Scheduling

KV Builders can help your team create a detailed forecast of when and how long your project will take. They will get commitments from all subcontractors to hit established time lines, helping you keep your project on time and on budget.

Value Engineering

KV Builders will examine your project to optimize cost savings and completion times. The proactive process of value engineering mitigates change orders and accelerates submittal and approval times. KV Builders will value engineer your project and look for smarter, more practical and alternative solutions that deliver the same results. This collaborative effort between the owner, architect and KV Builders will deliver the best cost savings and get the job done right.

Commercial Renovation

KV Builders will work with your team to transform your current facility into a renovated and remodeled facility that better meets your goals. We will help you evaluate and execute a renovation on time and within budget. We also understand that it may be essential for your business or congregation to function during the renovation and will do our best to keep you open during the renovation.

Building & Tenant Fit-Outs

Building and tenant fit outs are an area of expertise for KV Builders. We will assist you in creating a new space, made especially for you. We will work closely with your team to create rooms, floors or buildings which meet your design and technical demands for your tenant space. We will adhere to schedule and budget plans. We will partner with you to create your perfect tenant space.


Do you have a question? Here’s more about KV Builders and the questions we get asked the most.

KV Builders LLC was established by Kenn Visbeen in 2019. Kenn was a partner/owner in a family construction company for more than 25 years with over 30 years of construction experience. In 2019 he established KV Builders to bring the next generation into the construction business.

KV Builders is flexible to work with its clients as either a general contractor or a construction manager in completing your project. We offer the following services to get your project completed on time and on budget:

  • Commercial Construction
  • General Contracting
  • Commercial Construction Management
  • Pre-Construction Consulting
  • Design Build
  • Project Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Value Engineering
  • Commercial Renovations
  • Building & Tenant Fit Outs
Yes, we are happy to evaluate your project and provide a budget and timeline.
KV Builders services Northern and Central NJ and Southern NY.
Yes, KV Builders LLC is registered in the State of NJ and fully licensed and insured.
KV Builders would be happy to provide you with a list of references from our most recent jobs as well as past clients.
Yes, We work with many qualified and creative, highly skilled architects that we would be happy to recommend and introduce you to.