Residential vs. Commercial Construction: What’s the Difference?

The construction industry is split into two categories- residential construction and commercial construction. Although there are some similarities, there are many differences between these two types of construction including clientele, materials, and size.


The first difference between residential construction and commercial construction are the clientele. Residential construction companies usually work for one client. This client has their own personal choices regarding what they want their project to look like. However, in commercial construction projects, there is an entire team of stakeholders involved who together come up with their budget and their goals for the project.


The next big difference between residential and commercial construction are the materials that are used. Although all different projects use all different materials, there is a specific distinction between residential and commercial projects. While residential construction often involves cost-effective materials that are better for smaller buildings such as timber. For larger commercial buildings, there is much more use of steel to provide studier frames.


The last and most obvious difference between residential and commercial construction is size. Residential building often have smaller floor plans to accommodate living needs. However, commercial buildings often have larger floor plans and often more complex designs.

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