The Challenges of Winter Construction

Have you ever wondered how construction companies survive through the winter months? Or even if they do business in the winter months? The winter months definitely come with their difficulties. However, KV Builders, along with most other construction companies in the North East, work through these less-than-perfect conditions and continue to do business. The challenges of the winter months include many different things including the frozen ground, scheduling and budget difficulties, and fuel costs.

A frozen ground could possibly be the greatest issue for winter construction. When the ground is frozen, it leads to many potential problems. Concrete footing cannot be placed, digging often has to be put on pause, and everything has to move just a little bit slower. This creates delays in waiting for the warmth which often lead to scheduling and budgeting difficulties. You never know what weather will come from December to March in New Jersey, so it is important to stay patient and flexible. Another difficulty related to the cold weather is fuel costs. Often, construction companies face a dramatic increase in fuel usage for all kinds of equipment including concrete mixers, on-site heaters, and others. This is one area that companies need to plan ahead for, or they will be facing major budgeting issues.

One way that construction companies can deal with the problems that come up in the winter is to work a little longer while the weather is still nice and warm. If a project milestone or external project completion is even a possibility during the warmer months, the crew should work hard to get those milestones complete in order to avoid future complications that the cold weather brings. However, if the costs are greater than the benefits of continuing to work through the winter, it may be time for the construction company to begin to consider closing down in the cold. Although no one knows what winters in New Jersey will bring, it is crucial to be planning for any problems or additional costs that could arise, while hoping for the best scenario.