COVID-19 and the Construction Site

Fortunately for the construction industry (and companies), construction has been deemed essential in most locations in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what are the best ways to keep employees and others on the site safe?

Every construction job site should have a plan to keep employees and visitors at the lowest exposure risk possible.

A job analysis should be done to determine whether the activities being performed require close contact. If the answer is yes, you may want to consider postponing. If the job cannot be postponed here are steps to take to keep everyone safe:

  1. Train all employees on the CDC protocols outlined in #3 below on the spread of COVID-19.
  2. If you are working in an indoor environment take advantage of closed-doors and walls to separate workers or consider erecting plastic sheeting to create protective indoor spaces.
  3. Make sure everyone follows the CDC guidelines:
    • EVERYONE wears a mask over their mouth and nose
    • Employees should try and remain 6 feet apart and avoid physical contact – even in the work trailers
    • Frequent hand washing
    • No handshaking
    • Drive to worksite separately
    • Make sure to stay home if you are sick


  4. Enhance all cleaning practices and assign someone to make sure this gets done!
    • Use EPA approved cleaning products from List N or something that claims to kill Coronavirus on all frequently used surfaces like tools, handles, and machines
    • Ensure clean bathrooms, disinfect portable toilets frequently
    • Keep hand sanitizer stations filled
  5. Airflow is key! – make sure there is good airflow indoors, turn on an air conditioner, open window,s and run an air purifier.

Staying alert of changing outbreak conditions in your area and remaining diligent in safe practices will help keep your workplace a safe place.